Step 1: Deploying Bot on your website

Bot Details

Your first step to start using Trilyo is to set up the right bot details and followed by deployment. To fill bot details, go to "Information" page in the navigation bar and click on "Bot Details" mentioned under Bot Settings.

Preparing Bot for the Deployment

Now that you’ve filled in the details, go to “Settings” and click “Configuration”.  "Configuration screen allows you to deploy them across multiple platforms. Depending on your plan, you can deploy on your website, Facebook Messenger and so on.

Bot Deployment

You’ll find the code to paste on your hotel pages. Copy the code and paste it on all pages of your hotel website including booking engine. This will allow Trilyo to track the guest interactions end to end. Read a step by step guide on how to insert code into your website here. If the booking engine is managed by a different company, then you can share the same code with them.  

We recommend disabling bot in the booking engine as it may hamper the user experience in the buying process. To know more about how to disable bot on a specific URL, please refer - How to use URL Config


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